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Operating system: Android PIE 9. Battery: Up to 30 hours standby time. Up to minutes talk time. Product features: MP3 and MP4 player. Headphone port.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Specs Review » Features & Price | DroidAfrica

This phone features fast charge technology - faster than standard charging, for when time is of the essence. Fingerprint scanner For simple, safe and speedy unlocking and better security. Connectivity: Wi-Fi. General information: EAN: Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee. More Details. Reviews Rating 4. About Argos reviews Open Just so you know Battery life 4. Design 4. Features 4. Loading interface You've viewed 10 of 49 reviews. Ask a question Does it support wireless charging?

The shiny back is reassuringly protected by Gorilla Glass 6, and because the Galaxy A80 uses an optical under-display fingerprint scanner, the back of the phone is clean and uninterrupted. The down side of this application—it loves fingerprints and smudges. One way to mediate that of course is to use a case. I immediately took to the design, and while I found the fingerprint-hungry back an annoyance, I thought the overall design and feel were spot on.

The rotating camera module is located on the upper part of the phone with the back kept minimalist aside from the Samsung logo emblazoned in the centre. At Plenty of storage out-of-the-box.

That said, certain quarters may be disappointed with the lack of microSD storage expansion. Also, Game Launcher is a handy tool if you want an optimised and interruption-free gaming experience. This is where things get interesting.

The selfie camera. Thanks to the rotating camera mechanism, the regular photos and selfies share the same camera system. The only trade off is speed, since it takes around a second for the camera module to slide up and rotate. In case you were wondering how it works: When you select selfie mode in the camera app, the upper rack slides up and the camera module rotates. Switch to the main camera and the camera module rotates to face the rear.

Samsung Galaxy A80 review: The future is here

If you want to know more about the rotating camera mechanism, read this previous article. When we talk about performance, there are a couple of things to consider: how responsive the UI is, how well it handles multitasking, battery life, how it fares running apps like video, games and the camera. Ah yes, the camera, how can we forget that?

In fact, in typical every day tasks—checking email, browsing, social media, messaging, watching videos, streaming music, gaming, the phone will deliver without complaint. Multi-tasking is silky smooth, with no noticeable lag or skipped frames when switching between multiple apps. I have to hand it to Samsung for great work done in the software department. In the usual suite of benchmarks, AnTuTu and Geekbench 4, the Galaxy A80 performed amicably, placing slightly above older flagships like the Galaxy Note8.

This is a more or less expected outcome. Thanks to the big display, I ended up playing games quite a bit. Galaxy S6: With a 5. It comes powered by 1. Samsung Mobile recently revealed that they have miscalculated the demand for Galaxy S6 smartphones and produced units lower in number than demand. This news should tell you about this company's popularity within the shores of this country.

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Samsung Galaxy A80 review: The flagship alternative?

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