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DeaDBeef is an amazing music player application that is completely compatible with your smartphone. This app also allows you to drag, and drop your songs or playlists downloaded or saved via other applications on your device. The application has built-in high quality tag editor along with custom field support.

Samsung Galaxy A Series comes to BT Mobile: Get the A3 and A5 | BT

It offers you lots of customization which in turn makes it more user-friendly. It is very simple to use and its unique search feature facilitates easy location of your required songs. Also comes with advanced converter, that enables you to convert your audio files into other file formats. With its healthy user interface, you have all your playlists in front of you in tabbed format.

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Samsung pay is a smart wallet payment application you can use on your Samsung galaxy smartphone. It is pretty neat application on which you can carry all your debit or credit card.

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Helps to make payments in-person like in a grocery store, or restaurants, online payments, or for in-app purchase as well. Samsung pay is accepted in almost everywhere. It also offers you with reward points for each use or payment made by you using Samsung pay application. You can now access any public wifi without concerning about the security of your sensitive information. With ExpressVPN, there is no need for a login, you can freely use the internet on your phone.

Level Up Your Android Expertise

This application encrypts your connection that makes your identity safe. Noteworthy, it is one of the most secure Virtual private networks. It provides you VPN location of more than 94 countries and there is no limit in the number of locations you change. So, you can change your VPN location any number of times.

Pixlr is a stunning photo editor application that enhances your creativity. Allows you to edit your images with its filters, effects and tools. With Pixlr, you can make your pictures more memorable. You can take lots of selfies, pictures and then make them more interesting using this app. You can use overlays of texts, stickers, etc. From various options available with this application.

Pixlr enables you to resize your image in a jiff. You can also keep track of your favorite filter, effect or background. Simply, this app make your favorite easily accessible for you in case you like to consider it again. You can share all your edited pictures from within this application via various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Email etc.

Snapseed in another photo editing application that can be used by both common or professional users.

Take photos with ease

It offers its users, lots of filters and tools to bring your imagination to reality in front of you. By that you can change your every update before saving it. There are lots of filters available like light brush, tuning, perspective, and much more. Snapseed also supports most of image files, and allows you to open almost every image file and you can then edit it as per your taste and requirements.

Also, we would like to mention that we personally use this applications to create featured images for our blog posts. It is one my favorite applications that I personally on regularly basis.

Best One Click Root Methods in 2020

It helps me to find out fascinating local-deals near to me. The NearBuy application uses GPS service to locate nearby services, and bring them in front at attractive prices.

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The complete procedure is very simple. Another benefit is cashback, and other offers. While purchasing vouchers, there are great chances to get additional benefits including cashback, and discounts. That happens due to low storage or overwhelming applications.


Press Save on the top right. Add up to three more emergency contacts. Tap the back arrow on the top left. Topics Samsung. See all comments 6. Turn of buttons. There is no "more" at the upper right of my call screen, just "delete. On the S7 am I able to change the size of the keyboard buttons?

The Swipe palm gesture works for me the best. These instructions are out of date for Oreo Android 8 - it would be nice to see them updated. I am still getting calls from blocked numbers. What next?