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Then you absolutely need to know these tips and tricks. When you first turn on a new Xiaomi device the OS can sometimes feel a bit like an iPhone for Android users. That's mostly because the App Drawer is initially hidden.

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Here's how to do it on MIUI One of the most fun and pleasant aspects of MIUI is the possibility to customize your smartphone in a profound way, without losing the style and attention to detail that Xiaomi has placed in its software and without resorting to external applications. To change the theme of your smartphone, you will need to download new ones first. To do this, simply open the Themes on your Home application. You will immediately be sent back to the online shop where you can search, download or purchase new aspects for your smartphone.

You can then decide to apply the entire theme or only some parts of it for example if you like only the icons or the font used and this brings the customization to the highest levels allowing you to practically create your own personal theme by mixing the various themes downloaded. True, no display is perfect. But what we can do thanks to MIUI is customize its appearance in order to satisfy as much as possible.

The MIUI has specific options that will allow you to show extra information in the status bar the bar that changes color according to the application at the top of the display, where there are the "notches" of the phone signal, Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth icon and so on. If there is one function that I find really convenient is the presence of unlocking with face recognition, also called "unlock with a smile". With this biometric unlocking method, you can unlock your smartphone with your face, greatly speeding up the access to your smartphone.

On some Xiaomi devices, the function is faster than the fingerprint reader! Do you often have to use multiple accounts in social or messaging apps because of your hobby or job? Many applications allow you to quickly change accounts, but not all. Xiaomi has the solution for you, you can split the applications that interest you to use with two different accounts at the same time!

You can find the Dual App function at the bottom of the Settings by scrolling down. This item lets you choose which app to split in a simple and intuitive way. MIUI also keeps an eye on privacy with many features designed for app and data security. Under App lock in the Settings , you can choose to lock some of your apps to prevent them from being opened by the curious if you happen to lend your smartphone to someone. Nobody can snoop about your business anymore!

Now that you have calibrated your display, customized your smartphone, and secured your apps, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Did you know that the MIUI clock application has a function designed for meditation and relaxation? Just open the app, go to Timer under the duration selector and choose from a variety of relaxing sounds:.

Write it here in the comments to help other fans of the Chinese brand! I don't see the difference between the app drawer and the folders. Even if my launcher has app drawer, I did make folder to keep things look organized. I know the search function in app drawer is quick, but I hate a messy view of all apps.

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So, no difference for me with or without app drawer. We use cookies on our websites. It seems that some nifty additions to the Camera app were not enough to overlook stutters and overall general slow processing speeds, oversaturation, or preposterous audio recording quality. Some of these are yet to be addressed by Xiaomi while others are minor bugs that should be gone before the official Android based MIUI 11 hits the majority of supported devices.

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  7. For the time being, try clearing the camera cache. However, some users experienced issues with third-party apps working in the background while the Turbo Mode was on. If you are having issues with the Game Turbo mode, we recommend adding affected apps to Memory exceptions and disabling Performance optimization. That should resolve the problem until they tweak the Game Turbo in the upcoming patches.

    Follow these steps to disable Performance optimization and add affected apps to the Memory exceptions list:. GPS on Android handsets has such a widespread use these days that many third-party apps depend on it. Luckily, on Android 10, you can limit access to Location Services.

    Especially with Google Maps that barely work for some users. Some users stated that they are unable to download and install Netflix via the Play Store for some reason. Netflix, like some other streaming services, uses various levels of Widevine DRM to limit the streaming quality to p or p on certain devices. The best way to address this is to update your firmware. That should resolve the problem completely.

    MIUI 11 common issues and how to solve them | Mobile Internist

    On the other hand, they are certainly an innovation in the evergrowing market. Now, it seems that the already lackluster precision and speeds become even worse after an update to MIUI Google Pay, like the aforementioned Netflix app, has certain security requirements in order to work. First of all, make sure to use the HCE wallet option. With that said, we can at least for the time being , conclude this article.

    Thank you for reading and make sure to add more MIUI 11 bugs or issues we forgot to mention in the comments section below. If you just learned something new about your phone, and want more of that, subscribe to our newsletter. Sign in.

    How to pin apps on Android 10 phones

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