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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ review: If you have $1,100 to spend, this is the phone to buy

As we got closer to the release of the Note 10 lineup, there were a few questions about how Samsung would shock us. However, let me explain. This is the best phone that Samsung has ever released, other than maybe the Galaxy Fold. For better or worse, Samsung has moved to solely using its ultrasonic, in-display fingerprint scanners.

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With this phone, it really feels like we are living in the future, as the spec sheet is better than some computers. The beta program has been reserved for those running unlocked variants, and we currently have a Verizon unit. The hardware was always great, but felt hindered and held back by slow and lag-infested software. With the release of One UI many of my complaints have been resolved, and this may just be the third-best software experience.

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One UI is smooth, fluid, and everything just works. That includes all of the extra software features and gimmicks that Samsung packs into its software, such as the Edge Display stuff and the endless myriad of tweaks that can be made in Settings. Over the course of the review, I never felt stutters, jitters, or lag unless my phone got too hot from playing games. Even then, the stutters were very minor. One more thing to make note of is the launcher. Curved edges, a slightly curved display, and a beautiful glass sandwich.

More important than the weight, to me, is just the way that the phone looks. Another disappointment is the removal of the headphone jack. Samsung had been one of the remaining proponents of the 3. But it still seems that with the S Pen and speakers, something could have been adjusted to keep the headphone jack.

Oh well, another excuse to use my AirPods Pro on a regular basis. But, what I want is a smartphone camera that can handle the times that I need to quickly snap a photo. That, and enough features to tweak and change settings on the fly.

What’s in the box

For such buyers, Samsung announced the Note 10 Lite which promises to bring an iconic premium flagship experience in the form of the S Pen to the masses. Samsung has even announced an upgrade offer which it claims will help bring the price down some more, effectively helping it sell the Note 10 Lite in India for the best price of Rs 33, At the price, it faces strong competition from existing mid-range flagships, including the OnePlus 7T which at Rs 34, is currently the king of the segment. This is the same material that Samsung claims looks like glass -- but is essentially plastic.

The back of the phone also features a triple camera set-up that looks different from the one present on the S10 Lite. The module is rectangular in shape with three lenses and an LED flash placed on it.

3 Ways to Find Lost or Stolen Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus - PanSpy

The back of the device features 2. The inclusion of the latter is slightly surprising as Samsung gave it a miss with S10 Lite. There are no curves on it, however, it is an Infinity-O panel with very narrow bezels, to ensure an immersive viewing experience. Text appears crisp, making reading on the phone also a treat. This core configuration ensures that for all intents and purposes the Note 10 Lite works like a flagship. But, unlike the Snapdragon totting S10 Lite, this Exynos running smartphone does fare a little worse when it comes to synthetic benchmarks.

It also has a tendency to get a little hot after a long session of gaming. While these are generally not issues to be concerned about in daily use, the effect of the latter on the battery of the device is something that is a little troubling. However, when you subject the phone to long gaming sessions, it is also prone to quickly running out of juice. When it comes to the cameras, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a strange beast. The primary lens does not have a dual aperture, and is not even a megapixel quad-bayer solution, however, images clicked using it during day time do come out quite well.

Interestingly though, the biggest difference in the performance of the camera setups between the two is when you switch attention to the wide-angle lens on the device.

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  5. But apart from this, the front camera performance of the Note 10 Lite is quite good.