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How to block numbers / calls on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The good thing about this method is that it is more or less universal. The IMEI number will now be displayed on the screen. You should note it down somewhere safe or you can always take a screenshot. Just flip the phone to note it down. Check Settings. On most other phones with a removable battery, the IMEI is printed on a sticker that is inside the phone, under the battery.

Take the battery out to check. The retail box and the bill both have the IMEI number written on them, which is a good reason to keep them safe instead of throwing them out. Keep the box safe at least, because it will be useful if you need to check the IMEI, or if you choose to resell the phone at a later date. The IMEI number will be on the sticker on the side of the box. Log in to Google Dashboard using the Google account linked to the Android phone.

Supported device models

This will reveal a list of devices registered to the account, along with their IMEI numbers. IMIE S. Hi, Rajesh Your Mobile Is I Track It. City Name Is Tiruvallur district. Hi sajid my samsung galaxy A5 is being stolen plz help me to get imei no. My mobile no and and help me to track it. I missed my mobile phone for htc diser please help me…… missed sim no. I want to contact my old friend no is , may i know which sim card is being used in the same mobile phone.

Mera mobile chori ho Gaya hai use imei ke dwara search karna hai kisase or kaise kon se software se kare pll help me. Nokia ashaphone.. Dear sir I lost my mobile before tow days. Please help me try to locket my mobile. Mobile details are given below. My Samsung mobile had stolen. Which idea no. This no. And Block this no. Sir please help me,my sister is missed,she have micromax dual sim mobile , Search Karke. Sir my mobile phone lost yesterday night around 8pm on 12th , this phone recently purchased at amazon through online from October 18th and same day start using , i request you too also , how i recover my new lost phone , if you can trace ,pls inform my number or piaggioali gmail.

Sir please help me,my wife is missed,she have J1 ace dual sim mobile I missing the airtel mobile no of Prashant Vasant Bankhele, Pune Please trace and sent me immediately. On Still I madly found my mobile plz Help me. Hello Sir, I have lost my mobile,on June 3 ,My mobile was stolen by somebody else in the shopping mall.

Please track my mobile and tell me the sim number which currently being operated in my mobile. I lost my phone yesterday.. I lost my Samsung j2 mobile yesterday.. Turn that off, and your apps look like apps again. Get more on your home screen: You can change the size of the screen grid on which your shortcuts and widgets sit.

It fit more on, select 5x5. This makes widgets more compact or lets you have up to 25 shortcuts. Resize widgets: Many widgets are resizable. A long press selects them. When you lift your finger, you can drag the blue box that appears and resize your widget. Create a folder: Simply drag one app on top of another and a folder is created. To remove an app from a folder, open the folder and long press an app to select it and drag it to delete at the top of the page.

Move apps from one folder to another: If you're an organisation fan, moving apps from one folder to another is easy. Samsung offers a "move apps" function, but this is best suited to bulk moving - simply press and hold the app, drag to "move apps" and repeat for all the apps you want to move. Then hit the back arrow, open the folder you want and drag them back in. If you're just moving one app, drag it out of the folder, keep holding it and you'll return home: you can then place it where you want, or in another folder. Change a folder colour or name: Open a folder and enter the name you want at the top.

If you don't want a name, leave it blank. To change the folder background colour, tap the palette in the right-hand corner and select a new colour. This replaces Flipboard on the SGS6, but offers a similar news digest. In the US, a different service is offered.

Disable upday: If you don't want it, you can remove upday. It will then vanish.

Iris scanner

Not everyone gets upday - different territories get different news services. Press and hold the home button and Now on Tap will scan the page and deliver results.

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Tap the G at the bottom of this screen and you'll be in Google Now. Change launcher home screen : You can easily change the experience of your phone with a different launcher, such as the Google Now Launcher. Just download the launcher from Play Store and install it.

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When you press the home button you'll be given a choice to select a new default launcher. Here you'll find a full list of launchers to select or delete.

Quick settings is a feature of Android putting your essential and often used settings at your fingertips. Samsung adds a range of tweaks and changes. Here's how to get the most out of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 quick settings.

The most beautiful phone ever made

Instant access to quick settings: Swipe down with two fingers and you'll skip notifications and head straight into the full quick settings panel. Or double swipe down. Those opens up the editor. You can then reorder or remove functions to your preference. Remember that the first five in the list are those you can see all the time, so make these your most frequently used functions. This takes you to the full settings menu. For example, this will let you choose your Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth device, or your power saving level.

Search your entire device: In the quick settings you'll find a Finder search box, also offering voice search.

How to Find IMEI Number of Any Mobile Phone – the Mobile blog

This will search your entire device, either for settings, or for content, apps or people. You can also use this to scan for devices to connect to using quick connect. This will scan for things to connect to and offer devices that are found, like your Samsung TV. To turn off the option, open quick connect, hit the top-right menu, and turn off quick panel connect.

If you want to turn it back on, open quick settings, tap the Finder search box and scroll down. There you'll find the option to scan for devices. The apps tray is where all your apps are stored. By default it's a mess, randomly arranged, with new apps being plonked on the last page, and removed apps leaving gaps.

Here's how to manage your apps tray like a pro. Search for apps: There's a handy search bar at the top of the apps tray so you can search for your apps. Or, swipe down quick settings and use the universal search option - this also reveals your apps. Drag the apps to the position you want them in. You can then drag this folder to wherever you want it to be. Uninstall apps: You can uninstall directly from the apps tray. Hit the edit option, then tap the minus icon that appears in the corner.