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  3. The Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro are going to be launched by the company on March 31.
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Mi 9t Firmware

It gets very soft and looks like there is some noise reduction around the edges. It just results in much worse pictures. Below are two crops from the same picture. The first one is almost dead center. The second one is a crop from the far right side of the frame. You can very clearly see the difference in detail and noise. The center of the frame just has so much more detail, even for cropping in all the way. The picture it outputs, uncropped, looks fine. So is the stone.

Below is the full image, but it is compressed. You can check out the full resolution image on Google Photos. Next, we get to the normal camera mode. It is actually pretty easy to use. You have 5 dots at the bottom of the viewfinder which lets you select each camera. It always defaults to the main MP sensor. In this mode, the MP sensor will only take 27MP photos. This is because of pixel binning. It takes 4 pixels and merges them into 1. This theoretically results in more detailed photos and better low light pics.

In the daylight, MP photos might be a bit better. In reality, it depends on how good the camera software from the OEM is. You need to be using the main mode, which means 27MP pictures. A bit annoying, sure, but not world ending. To start out, the macro lens. The only issue I have with this camera is the 2MP sensor size. It results in some very soft photos lacking fine detail. This means a lot of the pictures you take out of the lens are just OK, not great.

The ultra-wide-angle lens is very good.

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The photos do end up looking a little washed out, but this is fine as you can easily bring back a lot of the color and saturation by editing the photo. It still retains a lot of detail and looks pretty realistic. The 5x zoom lens with up to 50x zoom is also really good.

There are a few other phones with zoom like this. Both of these devices have very good zoom, and the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 joins the group. It also has a great 50x zoom lens. I would go as far as saying the best zoom lens. It uses hybrid zoom by combining the 5MP and MP sensors. It ends up with a fantastic 5X zoom photo.

When is Android 10 coming to Mi A3 (Android one device) - Android Community

All of the lenses on the Mi Note 10 are fantastic, but there are still some other modes to the camera, like night mode. This still results in a high megapixel count with smaller-than-normal pixel size. In the end, you get a minimal night mode. The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has an insane setup.

No setup is without issues, though. The Mi Note 10 really lacks in its night mode and the main shooter does have some issues. Those are easily workable, though. In short, the camera is a total powerhouse. This phone is all around insanely good. I really like every part of the device from the display to the headphone jack to the camera. It is a phone that makes me want to keep using it, as it has everything you would ever need in a phone, especially in the camera department.

Everything from the hardware to the software to the processor to the camera makes you feel like you are getting a lot for the money.

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Xiaomi really did well with this phone, and I am thoroughly impressed by it. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 on Gearbest. If you want to pick up this phone, you can pick it up from our sponsor, Gearbest. They provided the phone for our review but had no input over the content of this first impressions piece. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Forums.

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The Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro are going to be launched by the company on March 31.

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Hosted by Leaseweb. December 20, pm Comment Max Weinbach. Center Frame Right Edge. If Xiaomi was looking to create a phone that could genuinely rival the best from the likes of Apple and Samsung, it could have opted for the top-end at least when the Mi Note 10 launched the Snapdragon chipset, which would have comfortably handled everything demanded of it. However, ifyou look at the Mi Note 10 more as an accomplished mid-range phone, rather than a pretender to the premium throne, the sub-par processor becomes less of an issue, and you may feel that you can live with the occasional crash and short delay given the price of this handset.

When it comes to gaming, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 makes the most of the Snapdragon G chipset, and we rarely noticed stutters while playing top-end games like Call of Duty Mobile. Something that we found pretty impressive in the Mi Note 10 is the speaker, which delivers good quality audio with sufficient volume. The inclusion of a 3. On top of that certain app folders only ones that come already on the phone, none ones you create suggest extra apps to download, which clutter up your phone. We rarely experienced stuttering when navigating the menus, and apart from a few large games, apps opened promptly.

In fact, we found the Mi Note 10 only lasted roughly a day between charges, which was a little underwhelming given to the huge size of the battery.

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We expect the culprits responsible for draining the battery are the high-quality display, as well as the particular chipset used here. In fact the charging speed was so fast that we got out of the habit of charging the Mi Note 10 overnight — the device was powered up enough as we got ready for bed that there was no need to leave it plugged in for the whole night. If you want to take incredible-looking pictures, or fantastic portrait shots, this is the phone for you.

The curved screen and rear of the Mi Note 10 mean it feels good in the hand, regardless of how big or small your hands are. So if you want a cutting-edge camera, curved-edge screen, and snappy charging, without paying top dollar, this is a great phone for you. For a long time the Huawei P30 Pro topped our list of the best camera phones. Read our in-depth Huawei P30 Pro review. Read our in-depth Realme X2 Pro review. Home Reviews. Our Verdict The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is a powerhouse in so many ways, from its camera and screen quality to its charging speeds and sleek look; it's just a shame there are a few weak spots which cast a shadow over the experience of using the phone.