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The added features include unlocking with face recognition , fingerprint reader gestures and certainly many more that I haven't yet had the opportunity to discover. At first glance, it seems to have a latest generation Pixel or Nokia in your hands, given the cleanliness of the software. It will be my duty to check in the full review whether the added features are useful, and more importantly, well-implemented.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with smartphones from lesser-known manufacturers from China, there are some apps that require permissions that aren't really reassuring. Why does the stock browser need access to phone calls? Thanks to Android you'll be able to block these requests and sleep at night. Let's just it's not the nicest or best-maintained software I've come across, as there are some smudges here and there that are obvious during use. In any case, it is better to have an updated and practically stock version of Android, even with some defects, than to have slightly better software with a proprietary interface that isn't updated as often.

In this regard, ZTE doesn't earn top marks, but should be applauded for its commitment. ZTE will fight in a price range full of competition. The company is preparing to launch the smartphone as early as March and seeks to enter into agreements with carriers for more widespread distribution. My experience with the Blade V9 was very positive.

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The design of the smartphone is captivating, although not very original. The device induces a great feeling in your hand. I was surprised by the latest version of Android, which a smaller manufacturer isn't usually expected to provide. There were some small defects, but when you have the latest version of Android in its stock form, the defects won't slow down your smartphone at all. The performance isn't top-range, but is still above average from what you can expect for the the amount you spend. The display and dual camera are noteworthy, and the elegant design and compact size make it attractive.

If you're considering buying this smartphone, there's no reason not to purchase it, but there's also nothing about the ZTE that makes it a best buy. It offers good value for money, and you'll be getting your money's worth, but nothing more and nothing less.

Are Huawei, ZTE Phones Actually Unsafe? | Tom's Guide

But let's here what you think! Does it deserve a US release?

ZTE Blade S7 Specifications

Thanks, Pete. We use cookies on our websites. Information about cookies and how you can object to the use of cookies at any time or end their use can be found in our privacy policy. To the AndroidPIT homepage. The design isn't particularly original, but it looks good! Elegant in design, easy on the eyes But the real star of the show is in the front of the smartphone. What does display format mean? It's not just the number of inches The panel is a beautiful 5. Bye-bye, bezels. The values were measured with the Spyder 5 Elite. Not all shades of blue are covered in the sRGB range, but there are so few that it's not a problem.

Top 10 Android games with best graphics When using browsers, mail, social media, and other apps, the Blade V9 does its job without any issues. More battery than the new Galaxy The battery has 3, mAh, which will get you through the day. A promise of perfect photos "Picture perfect dual camera" - this is how ZTE presents Blade V9's photographic capability. The dual camera has now become a must.

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  8. The details are amazing you can also look at the original photos in their uncompressed form below. Android stock is a pleasant surprise, Oreo 8. That beats out the nit Moto G6 , but falls shy of the nit Honor 7X. And with a Delta-E rating of 0. The Blade Max View comes equipped with a megapixel primary sensor on the back, as well as a 2-MP sensor for determining depth in Portrait Mode shots.

    Up front, you get an 8-MP camera for selfies. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the shots ZTE's latest budget device churned out. They're very respectable for the handset's cheap price, especially considering low and midrange phones always tend to skimp on photography before all else. There are strengths and weaknesses of each photo — the Motorola's result is sharper, while the Blade Max View delivered a brighter shot with more accurate white balance, taking account of the scene's warmth.

    It definitely became clear in successive shots that the Blade Max View's penchant for more realistic colors wasn't imagined. That's especially evident when comparing these two photos of a homey Christmas tree ornament, where the light emanating from one of the tree's bulbs paints the side of the fox in stark yellow. Again, you;re looking at a more subdued but ultimately life-like shot from ZTE's handset. On this attempt, it was the the Moto G6 delivering the more brightly exposed picture.

    Motorola's camera turned up the sharpness to 11 as well, which caused a fair bit of aliasing and color bleeding along the wireframe profile of the car on the label. All things considered, ZTE's handset again walks away with the more balanced showing. The results from the Blade Max View's front-facing camera weren't as positive. The focus on this phone can be a little finicky — it already paints photos that aren't quite as sharp as what some of its competitors will provide, and the focal area seems a bit limited. That results in shots like what you see above, where the lower half of my face is properly exposed, but my forehead and hat are considerably blurrier.

    ZTE Blade Max View review

    That said, I prefer ZTE's method of lighting the scene to Motorola's, which, again, tries far too hard to dial in more saturation that necessary. Processing power is usually at odds with price, and the Blade Max View is further proof of that. More casual titles like Super Mario Run are well within the Blade Max View's wheelhouse; the phone gets warm to the touch, but the experience is at least smooth.

    The Blade Max View's delivered underwhelming results in Geekbench 4, a test of overall performance. There, the device topped out with a multicore score of 2, — about 1, points behind the Moto G6 and its peppier Snapdragon silicon. The Blade Max View may have its fair share of shortcomings, though running out of juice too quickly isn't one of them. ZTE's latest budget offering lasted nearly 13 hours in our battery test, calling it quits after an impressive 12 hours and 48 minutes. That's several hours longer than the vast majority of devices in its price range, and can be attributed to the device's beefy 4,mAh power pack.

    Unfortunately, one other thing that can be attributed to that massive battery is how long the Blade Max View takes to grab a full charge.

    The Blade Max View's efficiency certainly makes the lengthy charging times easier to swallow. However, considering the phone needs a long overnight charge to be usable the next day, it's still not spectacularly easy to live with.

    ZTE Blade Max View Specs and Price

    There's really no excuse to launch a smartphone at any price with software that's two years out of date, yet that's exactly what ZTE has done with the Blade Max View. ZTE recently pushed out an update to Android 8. And it's not even a clean install at that — ZTE's flavor of Android is stock in some ways, but unnecessarily duplicates most of Google's apps and services.

    That means you get a second internet browser that is worse than Chrome and strangely can't be disabled, as well as an extra photo gallery and music player that you'll probably never use. While I appreciate the spacious display, maybe quite not so much of it needs to be taken by oversize navigation keys. And who thought it'd be a good idea to replace Android's traditional swipe-up-to-unlock behavior with a press-and-hold?