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If you want a OnePlus phone, you have to buy it unlocked, directly from OnePlus. For as offbeat as it seems, the strategy appears to be working. The OnePlus 5T sold out faster than anticipated and now OnePlus is back a mere six months later with its successor. If you obsessively follow smartphone trends, you can probably guess the OnePlus 6's new features: A longer screen with a notch cutout up top, glass on the back, Android 8 Oreo, and a top-shelf Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Metal frame. Gorilla Glass back with curved edges.

The 6 is roughly the same size as the 5T, with a taller 6. The fingerprint sensor sits a bit lower on the back of the phone, but I noticed that it seemed less capable than before. The 6 cannot do that.


Luckily you can still swipe down from anywhere on the home screen to open notifications, or swipe up to pull out the app drawer. These are simple features that make life with a large-screened phone way more enjoyable.

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I can only hope that OnePlus adds this functionality with a software update. The built-in audio jack is also a godsend if you love music. You get the versatility of USB-C and a 3.

OnePlus 6 review: Top-notch speed and performance for hundreds less - CNET

The slick glass back may give you trouble, though. It also attracts fingerprints and converts them into a gross, gunky patina at an alarming rate.

To my surprise, OnePlus includes a semi-transparent plastic case with each OnePlus 6, which makes it a bit easier to grip, and should offer some protection. If you're paranoid, this Dretal case should buy you even more peace of mind. The screen protector that comes preinstalled on the OnePlus 6 should also help the phone stay protected. That is, as long as you don't accidentally tear it off like I did.

OnePlus 6 Review—A series of downgrades is saved by the low price

My unit got the latest security patch hopefully the first of many , and the experience is nearly identical to a Google Pixel 2 —currently our favorite Android phone because of its camera and thanks to feature and security updates direct from Google. The OnePlus 6 is particularly snappy.

Apps and menus seem to open even faster than the LG G7, another phone with a Snapdragon chip.

OnePlus 6: the ugly duckling among smartphones

OnePlus explained that this added quickness is because it prioritizes what parts of an app it needs to load, increasing speeds by about 10 percent. This change has come from fan feedback and allows you to have an iPhone-like approach to app organization. As for the new step counter, you can now view your daily steps within the OnePlus Shelf by swiping right from your main home screen. It does, however, use device sensors to calculate your daily steps, so it is likely it might affect longevity. If you have already got the update, let us know just how accurate the step counter is down in the comments section below.

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