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The passwords were stored on internal Facebook servers that, while secured against outside intrusion, were fully searchable by more than 20, Facebook employees, according to a Facebook insider familiar with the matter. Speaking to Brian Krebs of KrebsOnSecurity , the source said that some employees built applications that logged user passwords in plain text, void of any encryption.


Some of these applications date as far back as The insider also said that about 2, engineers, developers, and other employees queried these servers and pulled data containing plain text passwords about 9 million times over the past 7 years. The company became aware of the issue during a code audit in January of this year.

Engineers reviewing code noticed that passwords were being stored as plain text, alerting Facebook to the larger problem at hand.

Like with any potential security risk, it might be a good idea to update it anyway. Best Displays , for University Students. Due to a security oversight made by some Facebook employees, certain Facebook apps have been inadvertently logging user passwords as plain text on internal company servers.

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While still secured against outside intrusion, between and million user passwords were visible and searchable by about 20, employees at Facebook. Source s.

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That's for security. But what about the phone. It is stolen and you have to buy a new one. It offers so many more options as taking photos with front camera if someone messes with your phone, gps location, call and sms history reading etc. Edited by rrondii at Hey I accidentally tap that button in phone finder app to brick my phone and all my data on my phone are erease.

MEIZU, Cell Phones, Search LightInTheBox

I have acces to setings but not to all the permission. The phone is mine and I know the flyme account and all the security question but I can't log in because the phone dont let me log in and tell me that the phone doesn't have flyme os please anyone can help me I want my meizu m1 note back I already know it..

I already know this and this feature has been integrated a long time ago.. Interesting post but please add some pictures and make it in paragraph form next time as it looks more visually pleasing instead of one full continuous article You have to login before you can reply Login Register.

MEIZU Cell Phones(1)

Customer Service: flyme. All rights reserved. Does phone finder really work?