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  5. Motorola Moto Z3 Review: A Solid Sub-$500 Smartphone

Motorola Moto Z3 Review: A Solid Sub-$ Smartphone

Camera flash Camera flash Some phones have a built-in camera flash, which is helpful when taking pictures in dark environments. Front-facing camera megapixels Front-facing camera Specifies, in megapixels, the maximum resolution of the front-facing camera. A camera with a 0. Models with an NA don't have a front-facing camera. FM radio FM radio Phones with a built in FM radio require a special stereo headset be plugged into the phone to use the radio. The headset acts as both the audio output and the radio's antenna.

This feature may not be available from all providers. Headset Headset Indicates if a headset earphones is included.

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Battery removable Battery removable Shows whether or not the model has a removable battery. Music player Music player Indicates the phone has a built-in MP3 player. Most players have full capabilities, allowing you to sort or view tracks according to genre, album or artist, playlists, etc. They also typically have more than one playback option, such as repeat and shuffle. The small number of phones that lack these convenient features are rather cumbersome to use. Voice command Voice command This feature allows you dial numbers from your phone book by speaking the name, without the usual training.

You can also dial numbers by pronouncing the digits. Voice memo Voice memo A built-in voice recorder. Speakerphone Speakerphone Useful for hands-free conversations when a headset is unavailable or impractical. GPS navigation GPS navigation Phones that support GPS Navigation services conveniently integrate GPS with maps and search engines to give you real-time, spoken, turn-by-turn directions to an entered address, or to help you find nearby businesses by name or category, such as Joe's Pizzeria or hospitals. We indicate which phones have GPS navigation capability.

Other providers Other providers Available for purchase on these other service providers. The performances or features of these related phones may differ from provider to provider. Not applicable. Rugged Rugged This is a rating. If the phone survived 50 or more drops and being submerged in 1 meter or more of water, then it is considered rugged. Height in. And for now, only U.

If you don't see the point of Moto Mods, then you've got a lot of other options - some of which are arugably more compelling. And since the Z3 uses a year-old processor, you could even look at something like Samsung's Galaxy S8. Things could change dramatically once the 5G Moto Mod comes out.

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But there are a lot of question marks, and it's tough to recommend buying a phone today based on a nebulous accessory that'll be out in six or more months. You can plan and try to future-proof all you want, but if you're buying a phone today, then I think you need to make the decision that's good for you both now and into the short-term future.

But there are sleeker, sexier, and faster phones in this general price range, and the Moto Mods are really the deciding factor. If you don't see must-have attachments in the lineup today, then consider other options. On the other hand, if you love the idea of modular upgrades, then the Moto Z3 is a great base phone to build upon.

Moto Z3 Review

And who knows? Maybe you'll be one of the first to ride the 5G wave early next year if the timeline holds up and the price isn't overwhelming. Moto Z3. Follow ahaywa. Design: Built to expand. Security: Face or Screen: Big and beautiful. Also Read. The 10 best smartphones of so far. Cameras: Pretty capable. Motorola Moto Z3 sample photos. Performance: Speedy, but just behind. The 5G mod. Moto Z3 verdict. Stuff says Good Stuff.

Moto Z4 Review

Compared to other flagships, the Moto Z3 is relatively cheap. The exciting part comes later down the road when 5G speeds become available. Like a fine wine, the Moto Z3 will only get better with time.

Device features

However, that is still many months away. Let us know in the comments. Buy from Verizon. Buy now! Order 5G Moto Mod from Verizon. Wow, would you look at the antenna hump on that Moto Z3 5G Mod? But credit to Motorola, the company has form when it comes …. The beauty of Android is that you can buy a phone no matter how much cash you have to spend.

Navigation menu

Comments Read comments. You Might Like. When should you expect to receive Android 10? Updated March Get the Android Authority app on Google Play. Sunday Giveaway.

Motorola Moto Z3 Review: A Solid Sub-$500 Smartphone

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