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Oppo A1K. Add to Compare Compare. CPU Octa Core. ROM 32GB. RAM 2GB. LCD 6. Battery mAh.

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Body Dimensions Camera Primary Camera is able to capture photographs and usually videos, The most important characteristics of a camera are the resolution measured in megapixels , lens focus type fixed or automatic , higher megapixel cameras are known to capture higher quality photos, but not always a good measurement of the photos quality. Model name based on OEM nomenclature.

V2 Apk Oppo

Classification based on what functionalities are offered by the phone. Operating system powering the entire smartphone. In an Android phone this is the OEM's fork on android with their customisations and features. Weight of the mobile phone in grams. Availability of various colors. Materials that constitute the body and structure of the smartphone. Availability of Ingress protection which includes water, dust, shock resistance depending on certification.

Total number of pixels on the display. Display technology used in the smartphone. The display technologies decide a lot of factors including how it looks, what the brightness can be, the power consumption etc. Percentage of display area to the front of the smartphone.

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This ratio became more popular recently with the introduction of tall displays. Now we have bezel less, notched displays with screen to body ratios of Primary Rear camera Megapixel count. Secondary rear camera megapixel count. Third rear camera megapixel count.

Primary Rear camera aperture.

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The aperture stop of a photographic lens can be adjusted to control the amount of light reaching the film or image sensor. Rear camera maximum video recording resolution.

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Availability of Electronic or Optical Stabilisation. To make the video shake free, the camera has to support any one kind of stabilisation. OIS or Optical Image Stabilisation is facilitated by a movable camera module that compensated for your shakes. EIS or Electronic Image Stabilisation is where in post processing the video is slightly cropped in and stabilised.

Availability of flash at the rear. The flash makes sure that you can take low light shots. Primary front camera megapixel count.

Oppo A1K Price in Pakistan, Specs & Reviews - TechJuice

Primary front camera Aperture. Front camera maximum video recording resolution. System on Chip powering the smartphone. Smartphone chipsets are designed by very few companies in the world. Central Processing unit. Chipset architecture breakdown. Total number of cores in the chipset. The number of cores generally directly relate to the amount of processing power available. Chipsets range from single-core, dual-core processors to Octa-core, and Deca-core processors.

Graphics processing unit. The GPU is responsible for all the graphics intensive stuff on your smartphone including video rendering, playing games etc. Random Access Memory Volatile memory in the smartphone.

The amount of RAM in a phone is responsible for how many apps will stay in memory and will not have to reload. Availability of a micro-sd card slot. Availability of a fingerprint scanner as a biometric unlock. The fingerprint scanners have become the most popular and secure way to unlock smartphones today and will be used till other biometric locks become as secure and as convenient.

This indicates the physical capability of your battery to store charge in it. If we don't take into account software optimisation, and a few other factors, the with capacity the bigger the better. Removable batteries which used to be a standard a few years ago has now become rare. The ability to remove the battery provides the unique opportunity to keep two batteries and keep them both charged which make sure that you are never out of battery.

Availability of high wattage charging for high intensity charging. This type of charging facilitated faster charging times and lesser time plugged to the wall. Available of wireless charging technology. Wireless charging provides a very convenient way of charging the smartphone without connecting any wires. The amount of slots in the phone including the sim and micro SD card slots. Different phones have different sized slots depending on how much space they are willing to spare for the sim slot.

That would mean that if you have a standard large sim and your phone supports micro or nano sim, then the sim would be need to be replaced with a smaller version from the service provider. Availability of a slot which can either hold a micro sd card or a SIM card. This slot was designed to address the Indian audience which was divided into dual sim users and a sim and micro-SD card users. Maximum cellular connection standard supported by that SIM card.

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Ability to track the position of the smartphone through Cellular networks. This helps to track the geo location of a particular device using the position of cellular towers are reference. The availability of hardware sensors on the smartphone.