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First, you need to know how tracking works. Someone could track your device at the network level. This could be your carrier or a hacker who has managed to infiltrate the network. Network-level tracking is impossible to detect, unfortunately. All you can do is get a new carrier. These apps then send out the data to a server, which forward it to the hacker. There are also hacking devices like the IMSI catcher. They can intercept all the data being sent from or received on your phone. Now you know how the methods hackers use to trace your iPhone.

But how do you know if your phone is being targeted? Here are 6 common signs to look out for:.

The 10 best iPhone tracking apps

If your phone has been infiltrated, it may begin to behave strangely. There could be constant slowdowns, for example. The phone could crash intermittently. It may light up and make strange noises even when not in use. Spyware apps are very resource-intensive. They constantly run in the background and require a ton of juice to operate. If your battery drains too quickly or heats up uncharacteristically, it could be a spyware app draining it dry. Constantly tracking and uploading your location coordinates requires data. If you notice strange spikes in data usage, a tracking app could be the cause.

Tracking apps are usually a part of a larger spyware suite. They are capable of not just tracking your location, but also monitoring your calls.

Do you need an iPhone tracking app?

It could be a tracking app you were tricked into installing. Tracking apps often disguise themselves as harmless games or entertainment apps. If you spot suspicious ones, chances are a tracking app has been installed on your phone. From the symptoms above, you should be able to tell if someone is tracking your iPhone. But who could it be? Who has a vested interest in tracking you?

Here are some possible suspects:. We also gave you symptoms your device is being tracked — and who could be doing it.

iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Keylogger – The Best iOS Spy App

Apple offers an option to quickly share your live location with family and friends. However, this same feature can be used to track your current location. How do you do so? Follow these simple steps:. Many spyware apps have keylogger functionality. They will record all your keystrokes — including when you type in your password. With this info, the hacker could easily track your phone.

Also, many spyware apps work with your iCloud backup data as opposed to your phone. By changing your iCloud password often, you can prevent these apps from accessing your personal information, including your location. Updating your OS can permanently disable tracking apps. When your OS is updated, the developers may patch security vulnerabilities. Also, firmware updates cause massive changes to the OS. A tracking app that was designed to work with the old version of an OS may not be compatible with the new one. It may become unstable or stop working altogether.

With all of that screen space for your iPhone apps to fit in, the X is really something to behold — though you may need to get a new pair of compatible wireless headphones. The iPhone X is a high-end phone with a price tag to match. The XS Max , for its part, might just be the best plus-sized phone the company has ever released. The new iPhone 11 Pro brings another generation of improvements across the board, from increased battery life to a crisper, more vivid screen, and, of course, more raw horsepower from the onboard processor. In particular, Apple focused on the new camera module, bringing a three-camera setup that delivers snappy autofocus, great depth of field, and an incredible level of image fidelity.

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The best parental control apps for Android and iPhone 2020

Follow dealsDT. Apple launched a new category with the iPhone XR, offering most of the same features as its flagships, but for less. There are compromises in the screen and design, but this is still a great phone. Buy at Walmart. This is the oldest iPhone that can still run the latest iOS 13 software. It's definitely dated, but if you're determined to own an iPhone and your budget is limited, it could be for you. Launched in September, the iPhone 11 was already priced just right compared to the 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max.

Grab it at a discount with a qualified activation trade-in may be required. Buy at Best Buy. The iPhone XR is an excellent choice if you want what flagship iPhones offer, without the flagship price.

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The Best Apple iPhone Deals for March | Digital Trends

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