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The price reflects that the phone is a high end product. If you are wondering weather this price tag is justified, keep reading. LG Q8 is a good phone and it has managed to receive rave reviews. The internal memory is only 32 GB expandable with microSD , a small neo in an otherwise very complete technical card.

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The LTE connectivity is of Cat. There are also the classic sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, brightness and proximity, including the barometer. On the back there is a biometric reader for fingerprints, fast, precise and clickable, also acting as a power button. Great audio quality in call while loudspeaker is not very powerful and handsfree you will have some trouble in the enclosed places. It is available in the single sim sim variant, with expandable memory.

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  • No problem with GPS, Bluetooth, and other connections, where everything works smoothly. Compared to the latest Snapdragon devices, it is only slightly slower in handling large workloads such as gaming and browsing simultaneously loaded into RAM or large files memory shifts. The LG Q8 is a lightweight, compact x It is held very comfortably in the hand because the rear bumper follows perfectly the palm lines, does not re-slip too slip and the elongated design favors has a sturdy handle.

    Esthetically, a thick lower frame is immediately noticeable, which makes it seem untimely, a detail that disappears when the display is off. The ignition key is placed on the rear face so the profile is particularly clean and elegant. Elegant is the right adjective to describe a smartphone with the clear business vocation, serious and discreet.

    It inherited the design from LG V20 but loses its ability to remove cover and battery, in favor of IP67 water and dust certification. LG Q8 comes with two displays, the main one is a 5. In the upper right is placed the second display, a 2.


    Colors, however, are calibrated well and are vivid, even though they are natural, deep black but only perpendicular, tend to lighten slightly with elevated viewing angles. The useful second screen is also enticing for those unsure about the more expensive Galaxy Fold. Though the LG V50 is a solid phone and one of the first to have 5G, it's not a worthwhile investment.

    Its high price can't compete with the OnePlus 7 Pro and national 5G coverage is sparse. If it fits your hands and your photographic needs, you won't be disappointed. The LG V20 is the best phone you can buy with a removable battery, and its audio recording prowess is a cherry on top, but skip the phone if neither is a priority. The LG Optimus One is a sturdy if not entirely thrilling budget Android handset that includes some useful features and a pleasant user experience.

    The new phone has the best features from last year's V20, along with welcomed improvements like being water resistant.

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    Top 10 Android Spy Apps of 2020 [UPDATED]

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