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    Netflix will reduce streaming bitrates in Europe to ease congestion

    However, Huawei indicated that it has no problem with ToTok. For instance, Huawei is using its Facebook page to promote ToTok. For Huawei, that has resulted in tepid demand for Mate 30, resulting in weak sales of the device.

    Is Huawei SPYING? 🤔 INVESTIGATING Huawei Health's Privacy on Android

    After its loss of access to Google apps, Huawei is preparing to move on without relying on the search giant for apps or other crucial technology for its smartphone business. In India, Huawei is underway with efforts to break free of Google. For Google, ToTok joins the list of popular social apps giving it a headache.

    To comply with GDPR, any personal information collected about you must only be collected and processed for the purposes of providing the services you are paying for and for the fulfillment of legal obligations of the company. If you use a Huawei phone then it is tracking all kinds of things about you.

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    In the same vein, information collected from a Google Pixel phone could technically be handed over to the US government if required. Earlier this month Alex Younger, the head of MI6, gave a rare public speech in which he noted that New Zealand, among others, has raised some substantial concerns about Huawei when it comes to rolling out 5G technology in the future.

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