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We got a white coloured unit of the M1 Note that sports a glossy finish which is slightly prone to smudges but feels soft and nice to touch the curved wrap-around panel is non-removable. The Meizu M1 Note is able to fit a large 5. It's difficult to reach and makes one hand use difficult. The hardware keys offer good tactile feedback. The sim card tray is at the right edge and has slots for two micro-sim cards only the first slot supports 4G sims. Meizu M1 Note sports a 5.

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We have to say this is one of the best displays we've seen at this price point. Brightness levels were also impressive. Just like most Android UI skins on Chinese devices, the Flyme OS lacks an app drawer and instead all app icons are spread across the home screens. Navigation works in a slightly different way on Meizu's OS.

With third party apps this looks odd and makes the UI appear inconsistent. The Home button takes you to the home screen and long tapping it locks the screen. There's no visual cue for the same which makes the UI unintuitive. For instance, the settings menu has unconventional placement of sub-menus.

All meizu phone models we unlock

Also, a number of Google apps including Gmail are not pre-installed on the phone and Meizu also bundles its own app store called AppCenter in addition to the Play Store. At times it did miss out on detail and white balance was a little off. The front camera takes decent pictures and can also make you look good in selfies thanks to beauty settings for eyes, slim face, smoothing sic and whitening modes which have individual sliders so that you can make the right amount of adjustments. There's even a Dressing room feature to apply more effects!

The Meizu M1 Note is powered by a 1. The phone is extremely responsive and snappy with its Flyme OS software being optimized for the hardware.


Scrolling was smooth and the phone was able to play Full HD video files without any problems. In synthetic benchmarks, the phone scored 40, in Antutu, 14, in Quadrant, 10, in 3DMark's Ice Storm Unlimited and 57 in Nenamark 2 benchmark tests. Unfortunately, you can't expand the storage as the phone doesn't come with a memory card slot which is such a pity. It offers good call quality and signal reception and we did not encounter issues while making calls even in areas where cell signal is relatively weaker.

However, we were able to play most popular video and audio file formats.

What to do if alarms or sleep tracking don’t work?

The external speaker outlet on the phone is located at the bottom edge and we found the sound output to be too soft. Powered by Android 4. For one, instead of having only software or hardware keys, the MX4 has a mix of both, the aforementioned circular button for home, and a soft key for back. To access the multi-app window, you just need to swipe up from the bottom of the display.

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In theory, this sounds interesting, but in practice it's terribly flawed. Most apps aren't scaled for the display's aspect ratio, and the menu button is often missing unless you rotate the phone to landscape mode, which then gives it a little more space at the sides for it to show up.

One example is the hugely popular messaging app WhatsApp. Upon hitting the camera button to take a picture from within the app, you then get trapped in a loop if you don't actually want to take an image. The back button is missing, and hitting X after you press the shutter button returns you to the camera screen. This leaves you with no choice but to either take and send a picture to get out, or to completely shutdown and restart the app.

Another thing I dislike is the custom Flyme keyboard. I've been using the phone for a week now, and I still can't get used to the lack of auto-correct though it has suggestions and the odd way of keeping the numbers and signs in two different screens. So if you need to type in something such as "Word5!!! This makes typing quite frustrating. On that note, it is Android, so you can easily install a better keyboard to replace it.

One major bug that needs to be fixed is that the volume controls don't actually change the phone's ringing volume. Instead they only affect the music volume. What's more, other apps such as Twitter and Facebook and even the built-in browser constantly crash, necessitating a restart before I could use them again. I once had the Twitter app constantly displaying an error window, leaving me unable to do anything except to restart the phone. The phone has already has an update to fix bugs, mind you, but there's still plenty left.

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Don't show this again. Design 8. Features 6. Performance 6.

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