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Love it or hate it, the notch is becoming a common feature on smartphones. One of our favorite Android features is the Always-on display. The feature allows you to easily see the time and various notifications even when your display is turned off. Once the feature is enabled tap the overflow three-dot icon to customize your display, change its brightness, or turn it off during certain times.

With Floating Bar you simply swipe from one side of your screen to access app shortcuts, capture screen GIFs, control the music player, and find frequently used contacts. Once the feature is enabled, tap the overflow three-dot icon to customize its position and active features. For example, instead of seeing the Google News Feed when you swipe right from the home screen, you will see something called Smart Bulletin.

Smart Bulletin allows you to quickly access features you use on a regular basis.

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From the Smart Bulletin screen, you can get customized app suggestions, keep track of your health goals, catch up with news, and even use the built-in music app. Luckily the feature is easy to disable.

20+ LG G7 ThinQ Tips and Tricks

The feature allows you to switch to a monochromatic display that looks similar to that of an ereader. Want to unlock your phone with a quick glance? With the G7 you can select from one of several different options to unlock your phone.

Take control of your LG G7 ThinQ with these helpful tips and tricks

Fingerprint authentication may be the quickest, but facial recognition is a lot more fun. The display uses extra white sub-pixels to reach this level of brightness.

Like the P20 Pro, it can be blacked out. Less than a year into the life of the notch, a way to hide it is fast becoming a must-have for any notched phone. Sound quality is one of the more compelling reasons to buy an LG G7 ThinQ rather than another top-end phone. This is simply a fancier version of the hardware that converts digital audio into the analogue signal that reaches our headphones or speakers.

Rock your Spring Cleaning with a Roborock S5 Max

It has an important part to play in portable sound quality. This and the headphone jack make the G7 an obvious choice for audiophiles. LG calls it "Boombox". This strategy does actually work, and even without it the LG G7 is loud. However, the unfortunate side-effect is the phone seems to buzz in your hand as it plays music.

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Do you really want that? Like the LG G6, it has a dual camera array. One has a normal lens, the other a degree wide-angle one. This time both have megapixel sensors, up from 13 megapixels last year. This merges the output of multiple sensor pixels, sacrificing potential detail for sensitivity. The demos LG showed off seemed impressive. But it also seems unlikely it will be able to compete with the low-light mode of the Huawei P20 Pro, which is truly dynamic. You get Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back.

It looks nice. It feels nice. There are four colours finishes. They all look, yes, nice. But glass and metal are no longer enough of a draw on their own to open purses.

Cell phones & services

With a rather ordinary 3,mAh battery size, audio and potentially pricing may be the key appeals of the LG G7 ThinQ for the average buyer. LG had no price details or release dates to announce at launch, but phone networks are expected to reveal their own prices imminently. By Sabrina Weiss. By Andrew Williams.