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As a result, handling it feels excellent. Certainly, the smartphone has a notch more than visible and the device may seem too ugly on the front for some of the more bezel-less screen enthusiasts like my colleague Shu. But it is also a security issue because the smartphone incorporates 3D facial recognition, which is extremely effective even in poorer lighting conditions. I use my smartphone a lot and the camera is a feature I appreciate: three focal lengths, resolution up to 40 megapixels: the Mate 20 Pro's triple camera is excellent.

Excellent design and comfort at all times

The speed of focusing, improved Artificial Intelligence, 5x zoom, and ultrawide-angle allow you to obtain very precise shots, even in low light situations. With the arrival of the new generation, the Mate 20 Pro can only blush with the results obtained in night mode and the slightly less powerful zoom. Huawei P30 Pro ruined our night camera blind test.

The battery life of the Mate 20 Pro is also always excellent. On the other hand, if there is one thing I don't like about this device, it is the fingerprint reader under the screen. Despite Huawei's software updates, it still takes some time to unlock the phone. The Chinese manufacturer had opted for this solution for aesthetic reasons but also to innovate.

The scanner is quite imprecise and sometimes it is necessary to try it several times to get into your phone. Facial recognition may be excellent, but that was no reason to choose a reader like this. One thing is certain: the EMUI system is fast on a daily basis, and the Mate 20 Pro does not show any signs of weakness at a software level, even after a year spent with it.

However, the software is not perfect, as my colleague Steffen pointed out during his first assessment after days, the Mate 20 Pro's software interface, although fast, still suffers at times from too aggressive application management for multitasking.

Top tips to make the Huawei Mate 20 Pro your best friend

The smartphone closes applications under the pretext of saving battery power in a direct and random way. I have missed messages sent to the Telegram messaging app, dor example. To avoid this type of inconvenience, you must go to the settings to remedy this concern. Too bad. The other unknown on this device concerns future updates. Trump's ban on American telecommunications companies from working with so-called "high-risk" Chinese companies does not make Huawei's work in this area any easier. The Mate 20 Pro obviously has Google certification and Huawei has promised that the smartphone will benefit from Android 10 and security updates, we can always doubt the situation.

As the conflict between China and the USA has not yet been resolved, a new episode even more unfavorable to the Chinese manufacturer cannot be ruled out, unfortunately. I had been seduced when I got out of the device and my use for a year only confirmed my first impression. The Mate 20 Pro is an excellent everyday companion. With the price drop it has suffered and the release of the Mate 30 Pro which is still pending, the Huawei smartphone is one of the best deals of Of course, you will have to make a compromise with the presence of the larger notch, a fingerprint reader under the screen or the absence of the P30 Pro's 10x optical zoom, but I'm not sure these small details are worth the difference of pounds or more that separates the Mate 20 Pro from some of its competitors.

How to spy on Huawei Mate 20 Pro activity remotely?

If you have any questions about this smartphone, feel free to ask them in the comments. If you have also purchased a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, feel free to share your experience with us. The Mate 20 Pro is a great phone. I only wish Huawei would release security updates , and firmware upgrades in a timely manner. I have a mate 20 x and think it is the best smart phone I have ever owned.

I wanted a large screen so I could read books and watch videos and this is perfect. This is my 3rd Huawei phone and I have also owned 3 of their tablets. Bill USA.

Huawei in So many questions - Android Authority

I have been using the Mate 20 pro for nine months. Still working with the camera to get new shots portrait is awesome! Started with the Mate 9 Pro three years ago, the Mate 10 pro two years ago, and plan to stay with the 20 pro until the dust has settled on Google VS Huawei. Have been using my mate 20 pro for 5 months now. Read also: Huawei ban: Full timeline as Google warns against sideloading its apps on P40 phones.

The EMUI 10 version of the custom skin is based on Android 10 , and includes many of the OS's features along with some proprietary elements and a new user interface from Huawei. It began rolling out in its final stable version to Huawei and Honor phones in December The EMUI 10 update includes the following features :.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro camera review (originally published January 18, 12222)

Outside the US, 28 phones across the Huawei and Honor brands will get the update. Older phones that will not get the EMUI 10 update include:. You'll see which interface you currently have, and the updates that are pending. If you don't see any, try refreshing the page, or restarting your phone. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.