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This includes anything from emails to texts, or even data-based messaging apps like Hangouts and Facebook Messenger among others. If you've found yourself running into this problem we've got a quick and simple fix for you that will only take a few seconds of your time. If you're missing notifications from commonly used apps it's likely because the default power profile is set to only keep a small list of apps running in the background, a process that keeps the other apps from performing any kind of activity on the phone unless they are run in the foreground.

To access this power profiles section head on over to the system settings area, which you can either find in the quick toggles portion of the notification shade by pulling down the status bar on the top portion of the screen, or heading to the settings button on your home screen or app drawer.

Huawei Party Mode Apk

From here scroll down to Advanced Settings and head on over into Battery Manager. The Protected Apps selection is what you're looking for here, and this will control what's allowed to run when the screen is off and what isn't. You can even use the search box on top of the settings page on your phone.

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After you are successful in locating the feature, tap on it to open it. Now, in some phones such as Samsung, you will see only the social media and messaging apps available for duplication while a lot of other phones allow nearly all the installed apps to be cloned.

Viber Messenger

Scroll up or down to find WhatsApp in the app list. Now, turn the toggle on to create the clone for WhatsApp — this will take a while as a new installation of WhatsApp is carried out in the background with separately managed Google Play services.

You have now successfully created the clone of WhatsApp on your phone. You will now be welcomed by a fresh WhatsApp signup screen.

What version of Android does my smartphone run?

Remember, while it is advisable to have both the SIM cards, the numbers of which you registered on two WhatsApp profiles, you can even have a mobile number that is being used on some other phone, given that it is in your reach. Now, complete the signup process by entering the OTP, in case you inputted a mobile number currently in use on some other phone, otherwise, WhatsApp will automatically detect the OTP from your phone.

Honor 9 Lite : How to Duplicate Apps using Twin Apps Feature [Hindi]

Now, choose whatever name and profile photo you want and just create the account. All your contacts saved on the phone will simultaneously appear on both the instances of WhatsApp installed on your phone. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Pinterest Reddit. Chances are that you've heard the term VoLTE floating around.

How to find out your iOS version

Chances are that you don't know what it means. And if you are a mobile network user in India, chances are that you may have been troubled by call muting the new call dropping! While 'call dropping' troubled users with calls ending midway on their own, now with VoLTE, users are often left on the receiving end of silence as, instead of ending, calls suddenly go mute mid-way.

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To begin with, let's see what VoLTE actually means, and how it affects you. Voice over Long-Term Evolution, or VoLTE as it's commonly known, is a technology that telcos have adopted to make the calling process smooth. This tech enables the network providers to use 4G for voice calls as well, in turn ensuring that the quality of calls is better.

Mobile phone tracker Huawei Honor 4C

Apart from lower quality calls, this also affected the phone's battery , and the carrier had to switch each time. If you have been facing the problem of too many calls suddenly becoming mute for a period of time, then you need to switch off VoLTE on your phone. And before we hit that, you need to check if your phone supports VoLTE. But even if your phone is compatible, does your network provide it?