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You can also use the camera flash. Turn off unnecessary system sounds: There are sounds for things like locking the screen or vibration on tap, which you might want to control. At the bottom of the list you'll find the controls for all those sounds you might not want. You'll also find here to option to turn off "vibrate on tap".

Sadly, one noise you can't control is the "sound restored to normal" notification. The quick settings is a great part of Android, letting you get to all the important settings easily. Press and hold on an icon and you'll go through to the full settings menu for that section. One swipe shows you the a single row of settings - five - a double swipe opens the full grid, nine icons. Edit the quick settings: Swipe down from the top of the phone and open the full grid of quick settings. Swipe it left and you'll see the option for "more". This will let you rearrange, add or remove options from the quick settings menu.

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Remember the first five on the list will be those apps you see on a single swipe. Show on lock screen: You can opt to show the quick settings and notifications shade on lock screen - meaning some control of your device without unlocking. It will then be accessible without unlocking your phone - although some features might need you to unlock your phone fully. Search settings menu from quick settings: The default option on MIUI is it have access to the settings menu from the quick settings shade by tapping a button.

Rather than accessing the menu, you can type in what you want to find. There's a triple camera on the rear of the Mi 9 with loads of functions. Here's how to find everything and get the best results. Quick launch the camera from standby: You can launch the camera with a double press of the volume down button. This is then a quick way straight into the camera. Use AI to make your photos look better: This is a tap option at the top of the camera app.

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Just tap the AI button and it will turn on. Turn off the watermarking: The Mi 9 has a watermark in the camera turned on by default. Turn off the camera sounds: In the same camera menu as mentioned above, you'll find the option to toggle off the camera sounds.

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Turn on 4K 60fps video capture: The video camera offers a whole range of settings up to 4K 60fps. Of course, you should select the quality you actually need, remembering that lower resolutions will take up a lot less space and be much faster to share. Change the exposure of a photo: Tap to focus and you can then swipe up or down to change the exposure compensation.

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This will help bring balance to a photo if it the automatic metering doesn't look right. It's great for things like photos of people on stage. Take a burst of photos: Just press and hold the shutter button and it will burst shoot.

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You can then use Google Photos to turn these into an animation. Use portrait mode on selfies: You might miss this, but you can flip to the front camera from portrait mode or shift to portrait when in front camera to get those depth effects. You can adapt the effect live by tapping the shutter icon and dragging the scale up or down. Remember, the smaller the f number, the more blurred the background. Use studio lighting for added effects: When you're using portrait on either the front or back camera, you can add lighting effects.

Tap the bottom button in portrait mode that looks like a glowing dot. This lets you select a range of styles.

Edit blur or lighting effects after you've taken a photo: Once you've taken the photo you can go and change things. You can do that by tapping the preview button in the camera app, or by opening the Gallery.

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Photos with depth have a shutter icon on them and you can then tap that and make changes to get the photo you want. Note that Google Photos doesn't support this depth editing on the Mi 9. The Mi 9 battery life is pretty good, with fast charging both through wired and wireless sources. Here's some additional tips to help things last longer.

Here you can see what's using power and there's even the option to uninstall apps that you decide are just too power hungry. It will then put apps to sleep and take other actions to prolong your phone. MIUI loves to notify you about all sorts of system things as well as regular notifications from apps you have installed.

Many apps by default will pop-over and get irritating, but you can tone things down. Top notifications tip: To control any notification you receive, slowly swipe the left and you'll get a settings cog. Tap on this and you'll be able to turn off notifications for that specific app. Show notification icons in the status bar: The status bar is the bar at the top with the time, battery and so on. Control how notifications are delivered for each app: There are loads of options for what happens when a notification arrives and these can be managed on an app-by-app basis.

The chargers have an aluminium case. In August , Xiaomi launched two ultrabooks, The The price is RMB 3, and officially is only sold in mainland China. It weighs 1. The price is RMB 4, and officially is only sold in mainland China. In March , the new Specifications - The M Electric Scooter is an aluminium frame scooter Approx. The battery pack is made up of thirty mAh lithium-ion batteries from LG, allowing for a 30 km range. The Mi Band was announced in August It has a day battery life, can act as an alarm clock and tracks your fitness and sleep.

The band also has the ability to unlock your phone based on proximity. Xiaomi announced the Mi Band 2 in June It also uses an upgraded pedometer algorithm for gathering better fitness and sleep data. The Mi Band 2's housing was rated for IP67 water resistance. The Mi Band 3 was released 18 July It has a larger battery, larger screen and improved water resistance.

It has a square shape with rounded corners.

How to Unlock Bootloader, Unbrick and Install correctly MIUI 11 on MI9T (9.9.26 to 20.1.21)

The body is stainless steel and comes with a choice of black or silver. The watch comes with a metal mesh band or a leather strap. The mechanical movement is made by Seagull watch company. Note that products released by Xiaomi Smart Home are products of companies partnered with Xiaomi instead of Xiaomi themselves. Mi Home app manages Xiaomi smart home products. The Mi Drone has a p camera and a 4K camera.

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