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  4. Vodafone launches 5G network in UK

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Review | Trusted Reviews

Just having that notch-free, near edge-to-edge viewing experience makes watching anything on the Mi Mix 3 feel rather special. Swapping out LCD technology as found on its predecessors, for AMOLED brings obvious benefits, like greater contrast and rich colours but also grants the phone an always-on function so you can glance to check the time or to see if there are any notifications with minimal power drain to worry about.

In general use, the display also affords you an impressive amount of flexibility and control, more than most other phones out there. There are also a number of display gestures on offer, like double-tap-to-wake and raise-to-wake, as well as control over both colour and brightness settings for day and night viewing,. If I had to nitpick, entering and exiting the camera app, which usually requires a degree rotation of the phone, is one notable exception.

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  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Review.
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Benchmarking scores from the likes of Geekbench 4 and Antutu place it amongst the best Android flagships currently available. Like other phones that have pushed the limited of screen-to-body ratios, the earpiece and speaker usually end up firing upward and outward, rather than directly at your ear.

Related: Best phones. The inability to add an apps drawer aside, MIUI offers impressive depth when it comes to customisation of the user experience. You have control over everything from home screen transition effects to the style of battery indicator in use. Features like Quick Ball and gesture controls allow for easy access to specific features, actions or apps of your choosing. It can actually pull off three distinct actions, two of which are programmable: a simple tap launches the Google Assistant, while a press and hold and a double-press can both be set to perform other functions.

As Xiaomi confirmed, both devices use the same underlying hardware: dual megapixel sensors with 4-axis OIS and 2x lossless optical zoom.

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However, the Mi Mix 3 promises to deliver an even more impressive imaging experience thanks to improved software and image processing. Related: Best camera phones. The camera is set to watermark photos by default. Head to the settings menu to disable them. Image quality is superb overall, with the optional AI assistance doing little in the way of improving the base image, sometimes adversely flattening out contrast and softening colours incorrectly — best to keep it off, based on my experiences.

Low light shooting is particularly impressive for a phone at this price, especially if you switch to Night Mode. The level of detail and colour information that this mode retains make it invaluable. Switch over to video and the Mi Mix 3 is also equipped to record up to 4K video at 60fps, an impressive feat for any smartphone.

Display Performance

Photos in artificial light above still look pretty great and the phone takes pleasing macro shots below too. The inclusion of that dual front-facing camera sensor bodes well for selfie lovers, not least because the Mi Mix 3 is equipped to do some pretty smart snapping. It can, in fact, be applied to video footage too. A standard selfie above and portrait mode below. Maxing out the beauty tools can create some disturbing results.

The depth data captured also allows for adjustable background blur that you can change after the fact, as well as virtual studio lighting and an unprecedented number of beauty controls, meaning you can digitally sculpt your face to the nth degree. High-end materials and excellent build quality lend themselves to the overall premium feel this phone offers and the performance, camera capabilities and impressive battery capabilities only elevate the overall standing of Mi Mix 3 in my eyes.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is an impressively high-end device with great all-round capabilities, an interesting, premium design and an aggressively low price tag. To get into the party, Audrey and Sebastian disguise themselves as the Canadian ambassador and his wife, while Morgan pretends to be a member of the entertainment acrobatic troupe.

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Vodafone launches 5G network in UK

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Brian Grazer Erica Huggins. Susanna Fogel David Iserson. Imagine Entertainment Lionsgate Bron Studios.

Vodafone launches 5G network in UK

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