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We have no specific details leaked yet, but the hope would be that Google at least raises this to 8GB with the Pixel 5, as we see competitors like Samsung move to 12GB as the baseline for its high-end flagships. Storage was another sore point with the Pixel 4. It offered only 64GB in the base model in a year when Google dropped its offer of unlimited original-quality photo storage in Google Photos for Pixel owners.

Given the focus on imaging with the Pixel line, Google needs to move to GB. No matter which processor powers the Pixel 5, you can expect 5G connectivity.

Google Pixel 4

The Snapdragon doesn't come with an integrated 5G modem, but Qualcomm requires phone makers to include its X55 5G modem with the chipset. Even Google turns to the Snapdragon instead, that processing platform includes a 5G modem. That's one of the factors that could drive up the cost of the Pixel 5 — 5G-powered phones tend to cost more than their LTE-based counterparts. But presumably the Pixel 4a would be available for budget-minded shoppers who don't feel the need to upgrade to 5G just yet.


There are no rumors regarding the size of the battery in the Google Pixel 5 yet, but it will be one of the most sought-after details. The battery size and battery life of the Pixel 4, in particular, was a concern last year, as it was equipped with just a 2, mAh power pack. That small battery limited the Pixel 4's battery life, as it lasted just 8 hours and 3 minutes on our battery test — roughly two hours less than the average smartphone.

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The Pixel 4 XL fared better, thanks to its larger 3, mAh battery, but its 9 hour and 42 minute time is still below what we'd expect from a leading smartphone. The Pixel 5 could add another welcome power-management feature if data found by XDA Developers in an Android 11 developer preview is accurate. That leak claims that the Pixel 5 will support reverse wireless charging , allowing Google's phone to charge other Qi-compatible devices simply by placing them on the back of the phone.

Here's the safest bet you can make about the next Pixel — it will be the first new phone to ship with the next version of Android. Android 11 is already available as a developer preview, and we'd bet the house on that version coming to the Google Pixel 5.

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Details about Android 11 features won't really come into focus until a full-fledged beta emerges. But from the developer preview, it seems like Android 11 will have new permission controls, messaging improvements and under-the-hood improvements aimed at 5G. As for special features, it sounds like Google may be adding to the gesture controls introduced with the Pixel 4. XDA Developers found a feature code-named Columbus that adds a double-tap gesture to the back of the phone, allowing you to do things to open the camera app and pause media playback.

Google made some relatively simple mistakes with the Pixel 4 hardware, such as the small battery size, limited internal storage and the omission of a wide-angle camera, and yet still managed to deliver a solid but unspectacular overall device.

Google Pixel 4: Cheat sheet - TechRepublic

And feedback from that phone gives Google a roadmap for better success with the Pixel 5. Last year's Pixel 3a success and the expected arrival of the Pixel 4a later this spring should also help define a better position for the Pixel 5. We still have a lot to find out about the Pixel 5 and probably eight more months of rumors and leaks.

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So stay tuned to find out just what the Google Pixel 5 will deliver when it arrives later this year. Tom's Guide. The best camera phones Galaxy S20 Plus vs. That's great news Google will likely go upmarket with the Pixel 5 and pack in the kind of high-end features that really allow its phones to go toe-to-toe with the best that Samsung and Apple have to offer. Google Pixel 5 latest news Updated March 16 Leaked Pixel 5 specs suggest the phone will be powered by a Snapdragon G chipset and not the Snapdragon found in leading Android phones like the Galaxy S A leaked Pixel 5 image shows off a phone that retains the Pixel 4's chunky bezels.

But at least this source claims that a Snapdragon chipset will power the phone, which is also expected to retain a 90Hz display. The Pixel 4 is the latest flagship smartphone from Google. While previous generations of the Pixel phone featured just one lens, the Pixel 4 marks the first time the company has included a dual lens and camera setup. That means you get a Both the standard Pixel 4 and the larger Pixel 4 XL feature the same camera setup.

This puts it as one of the smaller smartphones on the market, but you may find that you prefer a smaller phone - especially for example if you have smaller hands. By losing the notch, you lose out on a little bit of screen space, but the overall appearance is arguably more attractive. CVS just delivered its first prescriptions via drone.

How to Pick the Right Pixel 4 and Where to Preorder It

See Apple's new AirPods Pro. I report on technology.


And I got hacked. In the process, Google has clearly attempted to drum up consumer excitement for the device ahead of its official launch alongside other new hardware products at an event in New York City on Tuesday. But the company has also arguably created a different challenge for itself: What else can Google say to hype up its flagship phone at the event that wasn't known before? Here's what information is out there already: The Pixel is expected to finally trade in its one rear camera for two -- a move in line with most smartphones on the market but still one short of the iPhone 11 Pro's three rear-camera offering.

The cameras will be tucked into a square-like fixture on the top left of the device, closely resembling Apple's new camera structure. The Pixel 4, which is expected to come in standard and XL sizes, features a Soli radar chip to enable more secure facial recognition and air gestures, as demoed in a video promo on YouTube. Photos have circulated of the Pixel 4 in various colors, including a new orange that was featured in a giant Times Square billboard promoting the launch event.

The new features will likely "keep Google in the conversation but not necessarily bring it ahead," according to Ramon Llamas, research director at market research firm IDC.

LG V60 international giveaway!

The biggest thing Apple didn't announce at its iPhone event. Google doesn't even break out phone sales when it reports quarterly earnings results, instead lumping it into a product category it calls "other revenue. The Pixel has remained a largely niche product due to relatively high pricing and limited distribution -- it's only available in the US, exclusively on Verizon. Customers can buy an unlocked version from Google or another retail store, but they'll end up paying full price.