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Save your photos and videos to a memory card. Your photos and videos. Internet and connections Activate Wi-Fi. Use a cellular data connection. Browse the web. Close a connection. Music and videos Music. FM Radio. Organize your day Calendar. Maps Find places and get directions. Download and update maps. Use location services. Apps and services Google Play. Software updates and backups Update your phone software. Back up your data. Restore original settings and remove private content from your phone.

Protect your phone Protect your phone with a screen lock. Access codes. Product and safety information For your safety. Network services and costs.

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Emergency calls. Take care of your device. Crossed-out wheelie bin symbol. Battery and charger information. Small children. Medical devices. Implanted medical devices. Protect your device from harmful content. Potentially explosive environments. Certification information SAR. About Digital Rights Management. Copyrights and notices. Open an app On the home screen, tap an app icon to open it. Find your apps On the home screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see all your apps.

Did you find this helpful? Yes No. Change language Choose location. Change language PDF. Sebastian Thomas Nov 13, on Gadgets Recommends.

Secret Codes NOKIA 6 - Hidden Mode / Tricks / Advanced Options

The built quality of the phone is good and also there is a 3 year software upgrade warrenty So even if u change to a better phone after 2 years or so I think this phone would be a great second phone. Very nice phone.

Nokia 6.2 Prices

Atul Pathania Oct 19, on Gadgets Recommends. With Gorilla glass on the back, it looks fantastic. Feels good to use, gives premium feel. No one believed this costs under 15k. Display too is lovely with Puredisplay or not, it doesn't hurt my eyes even when reading for longer duration and the colors really pop. Battery lasts 24 hours easily. I mostly use chrome to read and occasional WhatsApp, Quora, calls, social media.

Camera is good for the price. There is no lag as such, but I felt animations are not fluent at times, especially after deleting few SMS messages, other messages are not sliding up smoothly at times. Played few games and didn't find any issues there. Easy to switch between recent apps apps as it doesn't reload the apps.

Non-stock android phones I used in the past always reloaded apps which was unpleasant. Pros:- HDR display is great, which you cannot realise until you see it. Reflects enough light more than display to comb my hair when needed : - No nonsense bloatwares, clean stock android. Minor cons:- With glass on the back and since camera has a decent bump, it sometimes slips from the surface where I rest it.


But no problem when holding it, never slips out of hand. Performance is smooth, and looks awesome. Am happy with this phone. Genuine review.

Nokia 6 - Turn GPS on or off | Vodafone Australia

Nokia is providing some quality stuff.. If your phone gets regular updates it makes experience even more smoother Value for Money.

Amazing Phone, Gift it ro my Sister and she feels delighted by owning this phone. Fully Satisfied. Not satisfied. Review of Nokia 6. Battery life is Good camera Is of excellent quality, fingerprint reader is though a little slow.